Valerie Pendleton

Valerie loves the things that make her feel happy from the inside out – like kindness, gentle words and loving gestures cultivated in the sweetness of honesty. Her word art as well as her picture art arise from these very same qualities. Her word art flows across her composition like ribbons of newly made taffy inviting all to taste the sweetness and experience the joy. It is unique and truly as beautiful to the eye as it is to the heart. Yet, like most of the artists in the Envision art community Valerie’s art isn’t confined to one area or medium and she will tell you, “I just like making beautiful things!” as she cuts the slits into the material for a Japanese lantern or hot glues the roof onto a tiny house in her friendly village diorama. When asked what her favorite medium is she doesn’t discount any of them but says, “water color is really nice.” This gentle artist has won our hearts not only with her art but with her heart.